June 10, 2009


Sweet Darling Granddaughter!
I was babysitting yesterday and remembered I
had purchased this on my recent trip to California....

I was saving this for a special time
when it was just the two of us.
This is such a wonderful kit.
For ages 5+. It has everything
in it to begin learning how
to 'spool' knit. Just the
right thing for a little one.

So, we spent a good portion of the
day learning to 'spool' knit.

She's so excited! She ran around
the house chanting ...
I'm knitting, I'm knitting!
Makes a 'Grandma' proud!
Then we made these....

YUMMO - Chocolate Chip Cookies!

What a way to end a good knit day!
Warm cookies and a glass of cold milk!


  1. good for her, so sweet..
    cookies, yummers!!!
    hope youre having a nice Sunday..

  2. How lucky you two are to be able to spend time together. You are giving her lovely memories.

  3. What an awesome grandma you are - teaching her to love two things she'll cherish all her life, knitting and baking! And the most important thing, spending time with Grandma. How special... she's a lucky girl!


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