January 19, 2010


Haitian Red Cross volunteer Jean Zacharie carries one-month-old Deborah Fatima.
According to the Red Cross, Fatima's mother died in the earthquake
that shattered Port-au-Prince.
Photograph: Talia Frenkel/AFP/Getty Images 

It's so hard to focus, to stay on track! 
My mind is always wandering back to 
the devastation  and suffering
that is happening in Haiti!

It makes my world look so 
insignificant, so non-important. 
This suffering really brings you back to
reality! Showing you, that what 
may be difficult in one's own life;
is nothing compared to what devastation
and sadness that is taking place in Haiti!!

I am so touched though, by the out pouring
of love and compassion that we as a
nation, as a world are showing!
Right now in my own life,
I don't have much extra money to
share! But, I felt compelled to do
something. Though small, my
donation went to the Red Cross.
 Like many other American's ...our
donations are adding up.
It's so wonderful to see how
the world has come together.

I have also recently seen this;
as I'm sure many of you have.


 'Craft Hope for Haiti' is an Etsy shop that is now open!
There are some amazing handmade items in the shop.
All items are donated and 100% of proceeds goes to
Doctors Without Borders.
You can help by either shopping
or donating an item for the shop.
I plan on getting something made in the next
few days to put in the shop. Just imagine
if we all donated something,
what a difference we could make!


  1. Craft hope is such an amazing project! I am also thinking of donating a little something to the Craft hope shop! So happy that alot of us are working together to help...amazing! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  2. I agree! It's so hard to go on with our day to day activities without thinking about the suffering going on right now. I feel so helpless. But all of our small donations can really make a difference.

    Thank you for the info - I will definitely check out Craft Hope!


  3. Thanks for sharing! Craft Hope is such an amazing idea! I might just spend part of my weekend working on something I can donate to them!

    Have a great weekend!


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