January 17, 2010


Here's another class that
I'm finishing up over

This one has been so much fun!
I'll be posting more projects as
I get them done. 
This class was papercrafting
I love it, so easy to use
and you can put your own
little books or albums together.
I must also add that they have
an electrical De-Strezz It All and it's 
awesome for distressing your
covers or pages!

Here's the first project!

Our first project was to make
this Accordion Book.
I love how it turned out.
I even made my first double layer
paper rosette!
You can see how you make the
book into an accordion.
Essentially, you are making small pockets!
Then cards were made to insert into the pockets.
I made different cards to insert
into the accordion folder.
My intent is to use these to
put meaningful quotes or sayings
that I come across. The left side
opens to expand the card.
More card detail!
And, here it is ...sitting pretty
on my coffee table!

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