February 1, 2010


I've wanted to begin 'art journaling'
for a long time now.
I found these ....
'Journal Bliss' by Violette
The cover states
'Creative Prompts to Unleash Your Inner Eccentric'

Then I found this ...
'Journal Spilling' by Diana Trout
This cover states
'Mixed Media Techniques for Free Expression'

First let me share with you that I am
NOT an artist. I don't draw, I don't color,
I don't paint. Given this information ....
it makes perfect sense to me to start an
art journal!
You know, the those journals that look
so beautiful, so inviting, so inspiring!

On the 'Welcome' page of
Journal Spilling, the author states ....
'There has been much written over
the past several years about
using the word "artist"or "writer"
to describe yourself.' She further states...
'leave the labels out and simply be a
person who enjoys making art and writing.
Quite simply, you don't need to be an
"artist" to be an art-maker!'
That's me ...I'm an ART-MAKER!

I LOVE this book!
I think the author was reading my mind!
She talks about feeling apprehensive about
getting started. When you come right
down to it, she bet's it's trust and that
darned white page.
Think about this quote she further adds ...
'Every act of creation is first an act of destruction'
by Pablo Picasso.
To create artwork on a journal page,
you must first destroy the perfection of that
white page!

She talks about 'color spilling'
taking color and just spilling it onto your
white journal page. And, she talks about
'spill writing'. Just start writing, write
whatever pops into your head.
It doesn't have to make sense!
The best advice ...

So with all this being said ...

I gathered my supplies!
Yes, I know ...very organized!
That's me ...I get in my own way sometimes because of that!
(I found some awesome art packs at
Michael's for $4.99. Not the
highest quality, but for a first timer the
price is perfect!

In Diana Trout's book she says
'Get Comfy With Your Brushes'

Hello Brushes! Nice to meet you!
Now for the hard part ...
getting you introduced to color!
And ...getting that color onto paper!

This doesn't look promising!

The book instructs you not to do this!
Even if the page isn't what you think it
should be ...it's all about TRUST!
So far, I don't think I've got this part down!

Okay ...I'm just going to DO IT!

 Now, this isn't so bad.
I'm getting comfy with the brushes!

A little more comfy ....

Not so bad ....I used each brush and
labeled what brush I used and what color!
It may not be fancy and it may have taken
a few tries, but here are my first two
journal pages! YIPPEEEEEE! Call out
the Calvery! I DID IT!

I love Diana Trout's book ....
it's divided into sections. Letting you
just do bits and pieces at a time.
Breaking it down ...art journaling
then becomes more of a reality!

To spur me on I joined this ....

I know it's been a long post, but I just had to share!
Thanks for bearing with me!


  1. What awesome books! Sounds fun! I also want to try more art journalling this year but I haven't been organized enough, and I envy your art supply carrier. Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. What a great post! I have SOOO been wanting to add art journaling to scrapbooking (not that I've even had time for scrapping). I think these books look like great inspiration, as are you! I'd love it if you'd post more of your journaling as you go along. I can see it's all about trust - you know you'd appreciate other people's art journals, but when it comes to ourselves, we have these preconceived expectations that we have to learn to let go of. Go for it, Alice!

    Oh, I wish I lived near you now, we'd meet for a cup of tea, great conversation, and inspiration!
    Laura B.

  3. Hi Alice, I saw your post in class. The books sound great, so inspiring. I like how you've organised your supplies. Congrats on getting started, experimenting and having fun! Look forward to seeing how you progress! :)

  4. I love your explorations in spilling colour onto the page! Good for you for just doing it!

    Thanks for mentioning my book......i do hope it inspires you and that you create your own compelling journal pages any way your muse speaks to you!

    Love, Violette

  5. First, I want to say I adore the look of your blog. I found you through Creative Every Day. Second I totally think the best thing to do with paint is to smear it around and make messes with it. It always amazes me how good it can look just doing that! I look forward to seeing you get used to your brushes!

  6. I absolutely love your post. Fun reading it and it reminds me of my first try to draw. You're doing just fine - keep at your own pace and don't forget to have fun. Will come back for more of the fun read. Great Post! :D

  7. What a great posting Alice on your blog and that book looks awesome. I enjoyed everything you shared so much, I am following you on my blog.
    I will be back for more,a real pleasure visiting you.
    I am counting the days till the new movie Alice and wonderland is released too.
    I love the Hatter. LOL
    Thanks for sharing...

  8. too funny, I think that I would also have trouble with "trusting" the process and faith that it would work out... geesh, happy to have met you and your peak into art journaling. hugs, antonella :-)

  9. I am an art maker too.Looks like your off to a great start.When I saw your crumpled paper all I could think of was collage,once I put color on paper I have a hard time throwing it away.Your new books look great and I like what your doing with your brushes.

  10. Fantastic Alice! Some day I want to start an art journal too, seems I havbe no time right a the present but it looks like such fun and there are so many ways to decorate them!

  11. This is such a wonderful and inspirational post! I want to start an art journal too someday! That look like a really interesting book...need to check it out! Thanks so much for sharing and have a lovely merry happy day! Love to you!

  12. let the journey begin...one page at a time!

  13. Best of luck with your art journaling Alice...you are off to a wonderful start...keep up the good work and most importantly....ENJOY YOURSELF!!


  14. I love this post! I have been wanting the Journal your Bliss. I saw it at B & N one day. I was hoping my library would get it in first. Which do you recommend if you are only getting 1? I also found blogging your bliss, that one is on my waiting list for my library.

  15. Hi Ginny ....Thanks for stopping by! It's hard to recommend one of these books over the other.
    Journal Bliss is excellent if you need a push in the drawing or doodling area. Journal Spilling is more on different lessons, using different art methods. I like them both for teaching if you are new to 'art journaling'.

    Thanks again for stopping by ...hope to see you again!

  16. So sorry for not being around much lately, manic busy with new Ghost stuff.
    Am taking some time today to do the rounds of the blogs and catch up - refreshing the soul
    Much Love
    PS Just shows how long I have been away, I didn't know you had moved

  17. How fun! Thanks for taking us along with you as you begin your journey! Creative Blessings to you!

  18. Good for you Alice! It looks like so much fun & I love your page with the bright beautiful color stripes!

  19. Yay Alice~this is awesome!! Love the books and you should be proud of yourself!!


  20. What a great post! I have had many failed attempts at 'art journalling' - maybe I need the Journal Spilling book! Thanks for sharing your progress!

  21. Hi

    you won my OWOH giveaway! please can you email me your snail mail address



  22. I'm looking forward to seeing your journal, if you'd be so kind and generous as to share it with us! nancy

  23. looks like you had fun! i just got journal bliss too, but i haven't gone out to buy supplies yet, so it hasn't been helpful enough...


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