February 16, 2010


FEBRUARY 16th!!!!

It seems that the days just
fly by! I mean they really
whiz by so fast,
I hardly know what I'm doing!
Between taking care of my grandchildren
it's hard for me to get most anything either
started - worked on - or just plain finished!

This is what my desk is looking like lately ...

The few times I've been able to get into
my studio I've been working on these...

Aren't they just the cutest little peeps?
I hope to get these listed in my Etsy Shop soon!
Sweet little faces, with flowers and bows!
 Little Miss Bunny with her cute little face and
flowers in her hair ...no that would be ears!

And, we must not forget Mr. Giraffe!
With his long neck and cute little horns!
He even has a mane of pom-poms!
I have so much fun making these
little peeps! Just not enough TIME!

Now I'm off to get started on this ...


(I sell them in two sizes 32" and 42".)
My Dear Sweet Friend in California
has ordered one for her newly
decorated living room!
And, I must get it finished and to
the post!


  1. These are soooooo cute! You never fail to amaze me with your range of creativity! And the blanket is beautiful!
    -Laura B.

  2. Alice, what wonderful little critters you have been creating, they are truly AWESOME!! The blanket is well....gorgeous!!!!

    You have been such an inspiration to me in learning how to knit...I am loving it and am amazed at how many beginner and easy patterns there are out there on the internet. In addition to what I've shown on my blog, I've also made some warm fingerless gloves and slippers for myself. I'm really blown away with how addicted I am to knitting.

    I have to tell you, when I watch tv at night...all I want to do now is knit while I watch. LOL

    Thanks for commenting on my beginner creations and for your support and inspiration in all of this.


  3. HI

    You won my one world one heart giveaway. Please can you forward me your snail mail address to



  4. The little animals are just the cutest! I wish I could crochet well enough to create these! I love them and they would be so cute with my dolls! I love your new blog! ♥


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