June 11, 2010


Now introducing a new card line
in my ETSY shop.

Here is a preview of what I've been
working on....

 What better way to say
Happy 4th of July than
with a set of handmade cards!

Another set of 4th of July cards.
This set contains four cards
each design!

I'm going to carry a line of elegant
black and white note cards.
 With the surge of the internet and
email, some would say that sending
a card is old fashion.
I still think that actually sending a card
is very fashionable and who would
not love to receive one of these
'Thank You' notes.

Now to Monogram Note Cards....

I'm also adding a set of handmade
monogram note cards.
Just remember when ordering to
add which initial you want on the card.

You just can't go wrong with
black and white!
Pure elegance!

Please be sure to visit my ETSY
shop for more information.
Oh, and did I mention ...
FREE SHIPPING with all orders!


  1. AnonymousJune 15, 2010

    How cute! I LOVE the 4th of July cards! I bet you are going crazy with your new "toy"! I am still amazed it cuts icing and fabric! What a dream that you have one! And you are making beautiful things, as usual!

    And I love your new blog design!!!

    Laura B.


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