August 25, 2010


That's right ...I have a 'new' couch
and it cost me ZERO dollars!

If you take a close look in
this picture can see a corner
of the 'old' couch!

Here's a pic showing just 
a partial view!
I'm sorry to say I don't have 
a full on pic of the old couch!
But, I think you get the idea!

Here's the new 'no cost'

Pretty, don't you think?

  I have loved this couch since
I first saw it many years
ago in a little farm house
in Nebraska!

So, you ask ZERO DOLLARS?

Here's the story!

This couch belonged to my sister
when she lived in Nebraska ...
she and DH located back to
Salt Lake City awhile back
and brought said couch with them.

Sister Dear decided that she wanted
a more modern contemporary
couch ....
so, the said 'Nebraska' couch was
taken to Mother Dear's house
to be used in her family room!

Mother Dear has never thought
it looked good in her family room
and has been saying it's to stiff and
uncomfortable to sit on.

So is how I became
the new owner of the 'couch'.

Mother Dear liked my living room
couch. Softer, more comfy to sit on.
I suggested we switch couches.

It sounded like the perfect solution.
She would have a softer couch to sit
on and I would have a new couch
for my living room!

Voile  ... I have a new couch!

 What a way to stretch the budget!!

If you are wondering about this
adorable pillow! You can find it
at Kathy's Cottage. She makes 
the most sweetest items!
Check out her blog and Etsy Shop!


  1. I'd say that is the ultimate swap, sugar, and very good idea!

  2. Very cute sofa and the pillow is the perfect compliment to it!!! Good job! Change can be such a good thing!
    Laura B.

  3. Alice, wow....that sofa is awesome and a wonderful story to boot.

    Thanks for asking, my knitting is going well. I'm working on a lace scarf at the moment, one of my favorite things to knit so it would seem. I'm enjoying it very much.


  4. I had to family exchanges furniture all the time. In one day, I gave my brother & his wife our old dining room set, received a "new" dining set from my parent's house, gave my sister a kitchen table, and got a coach from my parents. We usually rent a U-haul and spend the day trading furniture around Southern California. It's amazing how different things look in different houses! Love your new couch!


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