November 15, 2010


I've been creating!

Actually, I've been working
on a Christmas Project
for a few holiday gifts.
This is the aftermath on
my work table!

 I've been making a few
Holiday Memory Books.

 These little books have been
so much fun to make!

 The books measure approximately
8 1/2" X 3 1/2".
The front and back are covered 
chipboard, and there are five
envelopes inside with a
journal card in each envelope.

 I can't begin to tell you
all of the embellishments that I used!

 Each book is a bit different.

 A peak of the inside.
I put a small journal spot
and a blank square for a picture 
to be added by the recipient. 

 I'm a little sad that I'm all finished with
these little books!

 They have been such fun to
put together. 
I do hope that the recipients will
be pleased and delighted!! 

 A few more spots for
memories and photos.

Yes, indeed!
I had sooooo much fun!

But, not to worry!
I have one more book to
assemble for my family!
A count down memory book!
Counting down from December 1st
to December 25th!


  1. Hello Alice!!! I've kind of been out of touch since August when my computer died. I got a new one and I'm slowly getting caught up on the blogging world. You have been a busy woman! You are inspirational! Ok, about these books, you HAVE to make more to sell on Etsy!!! Please let us know if you ever do that. Even after Christmas would be good! Glad to see you're doing well and doing what you love! Happy holidays to you and your family!
    Laura B.

  2. Wow Alice, I love, love , love your holiday memory books, a beautiful idea that you have exicuted just perfectly.


  3. What a wonderful keepsake! Simply lovely!!

  4. What at great talent you have! I love these books!! What a treasure to have and look back on!!


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