September 29, 2011



One really needs organization
in their life. Without it
I would simply be crazy!!

I have slowly been
cleaning out my house
of unwanted items which
really don't add meaning to my life.

Do I want to own this item or
do I want to take care of this item?
That's my mantra!

I'm trying to clear my house of
all those little things
that over time become
one large thing!

I still have work to do;
but, I'm hoping to come
to a point that when I
come home and open
the door --


So, with that note ...
I introduce you to my newly
organized Pantry and
Spice Cabinet.

I get so frustrated
when I go to look
for something when I'm
baking or cooking and
find that

1. I don't have what I need!
2. I have three of what I need!


I first started by cleaning
everything out and getting
rid of all those old spices
that seem to be in your cabinet
for such a long time.

My cabinet has three shelves,
I started by dividing those shelves
into three topics.

1. Sprinkles & Flavorings
2. Baking Spices
3. Cooking Spices

My Newly Organized Spice Cabinet!

I also listed items on each shelf
on a sheet of paper and taped it to the
inside of the door.
Now when I need something,
I know if I need to buy it
or if
I already have it!


Now for the Pantry

My pantry was relative organized!
I just needed to tidy it up and
move a few things around.

Isn't it nice?

I keep 'like' items together and
store them in bins. When I need
something ...I know which bin it is in.

To make sure that I know what
I have or know what I need to buy.
I made two lists for the
inside of the door.

The first list is of each shelf and
what is on that shelf ...the
bins are marked with labels for
easy access.

The other is my grocery list.
That way when I pull something
from the Pantry and it's the last
one ...I just highlight it on the list
for my next shopping trip.
When it's time to go to the store.
I just grab the list and go!

Now I know what I have or know what
I need to buy! No more having three or more
of something, or not having it at all!

This organization works for me!
How do you organize your kitchen?

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  1. Wow!! Can you come help me do that??? Yours looks awesome!!


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