January 6, 2012


This year I have vowed to
be more artistic, blog more often
and inspire my soul throughout
all of 2012!!!
So far, so good.

I wanted to share with you this 
wonderfully inspiring 'SUMMIT'
hosted by Nathalie Kalbach!

SUMMIT 2012!!!

It's free, so jump your creative soul
over to her blog and sign up.
She sends out daily emails with
links to inspiring and awesome
artist, who give tips on how
they jump start their artistic muse!

I'll share just a bit from

And, I love her idea!!!

Dina suggests starting with tags.
Just everyday manila tags.

Here are just plain Avery tags, size 5.
Just happened to have these on hand.

 Then you pull out a few of your ink sprays.

 Spray a few colors, and ....

 then spray a touch of water on them...

drag your tag through the watered down ink
....and you are left with a gorgeously inked tag
which can then be used for other artistic endeavors!

I love her suggestion for 'JUMP STARTING'
your creativity. I love how I can experiment with
different colors and combinations!


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