December 16, 2010


Finally, the creative juices are
starting to flow a bit!

I signed up for a class
'The Ins and Outs of
Artist Trading Cards

I've never worked with
ATC's before and I thought
it would be a good course
to learn a few new techniques.

Our first assignment was to create
an album to keep your ATC's in.
I ordered a few ATC supplies from
While I'm waiting for them to
arrive, I decided to go ahead and
put my album together.

I found this album at
Office Depot yesterday ...

I couldn't pass it up ...
it was only $1.50!!!
And, I thought the cover could
be incorporated someway into
the design!

So after a few pieces of paper,
ribbon and gem's.

My first ATC album!

Nothing fancy! Sometimes I tend to
add too much to my designs!

Now, I just have to fill it up
with artful ATC's!!!


  1. Hi Alice. That is the cutest album cover. It doesn't look over-embellished at all. Miss Kitty Princess looks very regal. I checked out the classroom site. I'm bookmarking it to explore more fully after the holidays. Course prices looked pretty decent.

  2. I've never heard of ATC's, it is such a cool idea! I LOVE your book and hope you share some of the cards you get!
    Laura B.
    P.S. Glad your creativity is back (as if it ever really left)! Mine is here, I'm just lacking time to myself to do anything, but I'm feeling so inspired these days!


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